5G帶來極大的技術開發挑戰,讓相關測試的複雜性急遽攀升,大量終端產品製造面臨測試大幅攀升的成本。MVE提供 5G(第5代通訊)連接器、轉接頭和電纜組件。

MVE 5G(Fifth Generation Mobile Networks) Connectors, Adapters, and Cable Assemblies offer 26.5~40GHz operating frequency and specialize in the precision RF frequency bands that 5G requires.MVE 5G is the best choice of test equipment、striplines、military、aerospace applications, depending on all field.

                        • 低損耗 Low Loss
                        • 低阻抗 Low VSWR
                        • 高品質及壽命 High life cycle and quality


Item Part number Specification
1 Cable 140140.LL401P1.150 2.92MM/DC-40GHz
150630.LL406P1.15 SMPM/DC-40GHz
150480.LL406P1.15 SMP /DC-40GHz
2 Adapter MVE1139 2.4MM/DC-50GHz
MVE1153 2.92MM/DC-40GHz
3 Attenuator MVE2365-20 2.92MM/2W/20dB/DC-40GHz
4 Power Divider MVE8593 2.92MM/2WAY/1-40GHz
5 Low Noise Amplifier MLN2640.33 2.92MM/26-40GHz/Gain,40dB
6 Filter MFB-400.480.S1

SMA/Bandpass filter, 400MHz-480MHz

MFN-746.756.S2 SMA/Notch Filter, 746MHz~756MHz /Pass Band,DC-731,771-2000MHz
7 Horn Antenna MANT-26500.40000.H1 2.92MM/26.5GHz-40GHz/Gain 10dB